February 25, 2010

Discover Your Birthday Color at Colorstrology

We all have or have had a favorite color once upon a time. Our selection of a favorite color is usually driven by one emotion or another. When creating the perfect shopping experience, companies invest a lot of money to research this topic to make sure consumers are inspired to spend some time and to spend some money. When selecting the colors for your wedding, what colors will you select, what colors will inspire you or give you that...feeling or emotion you seek on that special day? Why are you driven to that color? Well, here's a fun site that may clear some things up for you.

I'm a November baby and my favorite colors are pinks, reds, and browns. Imagine my surprise when I checked out this site and clicked on the month for November.

"The Pantone Color for the Month of November is Claret Red (Pantone Color 17-1740), Intense, Passionate, and Transforming. This color inspires strength, depth and love. People born during this month can see beyond the mundane and into the hearts of others."

You can even take the color analysis further and select your specific birth date for more detailed information. When I entered my specific date November 5, the color Jester Red (Pantone Color 19-1862) came up. Entertaining, Quick and Intelligent, the analysis suggests meditating and surrounding myself with this color inspires patience and knowing.

I was so inspired by this because it really hit the mark. As a wedding and event coordinator, I am very passionate about what I do and about helping to make others wishes and dreams come true, helping to create their heart's desire. Did learning this information about colors and my birth month create an aha moment for me? No, not really but it did give me a little insight about why certain colors were in my wardrobe or in my office more than other colors. It gave me some insight of colors to surround myself with I needed energy, or a creativity boost. Now, I don't know if this is an exact science or what, but knowing the info sure doesn't hurt.

Just for fun, check out Colorstrology and see what it says about you.

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February 19, 2010

Your Special Day ... On TV?!!

Want your wedding featured on The Style Network's "Whose Wedding Is it Anyway?" Well here's your chance. If you are planning a Houston or New Orleans wedding and you are getting married or would like to get married between March and July 2010, have I got news for you. The Style Network is looking for couples who want to share their wedding-preparation adventures with the hit prime-time wedding series!
Check out their casting call below and if you are interested or need more info, drop these nice folks an email at the email address below and mention us in your email, and you just may get your wish. Here are the details and what you have to do:

Are you or someone you know planning your wedding day, but the never-ending tasks keep getting in the way? Are you and your fiancé fun and fabulous, but drowning in details? Then let us hook you up with a top-notch wedding planner, to help organize the wedding of your dreams and take you down the aisle in style.
The Style Network is looking for couples who want to share their wedding-preparation adventures with the hit prime-time wedding series!

We are especially interested in 2 types of wedding stories –

1. Brides and grooms who have extremely DIFFERENT IDEAS of what their dream wedding should be (theme, venue, indoor/outdoor, cuisine, formal/informal).
2. Two couples who are interested in having a joint
Wedding (best friends, sisters, roommates, people who want the same venue, etc. )

Are you getting married or would you like to get married between March and July 2010?
The deadline for applications is May 10, 2010.

If YOU are interested or KNOW someone who would be interested, send us an email with your story and recent photos to
Bouchard@trueentertainment.net and whoseweddingseason11@gmail.com

All participants must be 21 years of age or older.

February 18, 2010

Happy Birthday to Our Blog ~ Coco Trendy

Happy Birthday!

I am so excited and proud to say that Coco Trendy has been consistent as a blog for one year. It has been a labor of love and it has been hard, but we made it happen. A big thank you goes out to our dedicated followers, event business supporters and fans. We could not have done this without your support and encouragement. There were times where we reinvented ourselves and went back and forth but our fans stayed loyal and we so appreciate you for that. There are so many blogs out there and I thank you for choosing to check by and see what our trendy take is on the subjects of wedding and event planning and coordination.

This year has been truly exciting for not only the blog, Coco Trendy but also for the management company ~ Alpha Prosperity Event Management. For the first time since the official birth of the special event planning and coordination division, our event management company was selected to receive the WeddingWire 2010 Bride’s Choice Awards™ for Wedding Planner and Coordination! We are truly inspired by this award and the fact that our clients love what we do. We look forward to many more years of happy, bliss-filled clients, and growth for the business.

So make sure you stay tuned for more trendy event planning and wedding coordination ideas because we are not going anywhere and we have a few changes and surprises in store. Trust me, you don't want to miss a thing.

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February 8, 2010

Baby Shower - Blossoming in Springtime

Keeping in sync with my recent post on planning a baby shower, I wanted to share some ideas and themes of my own. I recently had the pleasure of planning a fun baby shower for a client that was expecting twins. The twins arrival was expected around springtime so she wanted a springtime theme, and the colors had to be yellow, lime green and gray. I had a lot of fun putting this together even with a very minimal budget. Small budgets don't have to be restricting if you just use a little imagination and don't box yourself into using traditional baby shower items and decor.

We decided to use "springtime like" items such as baskets of spring flowers, garden stepping stones, butterflies and birds with baby birds nests. Balloons were a given because they always add a festive flavor to small showers and parties.

My first inspiration for the springtime theme came from the idea of bird nests with baby bird eggs. I was able to find some grapevine wreaths to help create the bird nests. It was a very cost effective option. Hobby Lobby carried them in a bunch of six. Candy coated almonds were a great filler for the bird eggs.

Instead of doing a guest sign-in book, we did individual blessing cards, where guests were able to write something more heartfelt to the mom-to-be. I created the blessing cards myself so they were personalized for my client, for the occasion.

There were the usual baby shower games to include the famous "baby shower bingo." When finding great prizes for your games, consider home spa items like lotions, bath gels or jewelry. I got all of the gift or prize items from my wonderful rep at Avon. You get some very nice gifts and you support some of the many fund raising causes that Avon helps support. A huge thank you goes out to my Avon rep, Pam Zackory for her wonderful support. There was food, fellowship and fun and a great time was had by all.

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