August 30, 2010

Simple Recipe for Bridal Shower Beauty

I attended a bridal shower recently for one of my brides and I was so impressed with the love for the bride that showed through the work that was done for the shower. The decor was simple but very trendy with pops of color in red, black and white. And don't you just love this cake? So modern, and elegant. A big shout out goes to the brides sister and bridesmaids. They truly went all out for this sweet bride, blessing her with lots of love and gifts to begin wedded bliss.


The attention to detail and placement of objects like food and decor made all the difference for this outdoor shower.

The bride was so moved by all of the attention and we as guests were so touched by her appreciation of us being there. It just goes to show, that as the bride, people want to do so much more for you when you are appreciative, loving and not acting like a bridezilla.

Stumped for ideas about how to make an event beautiful and special? Give us a call. We love planning small intimate events like this. Want to plan something yourself, just stay tuned to Coco Trendy Event Ideas for more trendy planning ideas.

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August 22, 2010

Great Filing System for Event Planning Organization

Wonder File Portable Workstation
Need organization for all of your wedding and event planning materials. Try the Wonder File. It's a great idea for keeping all of those magazine clippings, fabric and color swatches all in one nice neat place. And you can even take it with you when you need to. I know I sound like an infomercial but I really like the convenience of this file. As a wedding and event planner, having at least two is a great way to keep several things organized by client.  And after the wedding planning is done, you can use the file for other organizing needs; unlike some of the other wedding planner folders that are out there.  

Now how's that for a trendy wedding and event planning idea!

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August 4, 2010

Sometimes, We All Could Use a Professional!

Well, our new logo has finally been completed. It was such a labor of love to get the right feel and look for a design to represent us and after a lot of investment, it's here. Hope you all like it as much as we do.

I want to thank the wonderful Nicole Mullins for all of the hours and phone consultations she so patiently devoted to me to get this done, the right way. I totally relied on her skills in graphic arts and branding because these were skills that I just didn't have. Could I have done the logo myself? Of course, I could have. I did the last logo, but I wasn't happy with it because I could never get the colors or positioning right, and it just wasn't me. And to be blunt, I just didn't know what the heck I was doing. So I sought out a professional that could listen to my vision and deliver my product, which she did.

My journey through this process is much like planning a wedding. Of course, you can plan it yourself and that is a wonderful experience if you have the time, the energy and the know how to get it done. But after planning your wonderful masterpiece, don't you want to sit back and enjoy the moment. A professional wedding coordinator can make that happen. Sometimes, hiring a professional just makes sense.

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