October 24, 2009

Fantasy Wedding Gowns for 2010

On Good Morning America, Bride's Magazine gave us a sneak peak of the 2010 bridal trends in wedding gowns. Melissa Rycroft a special correspondent and bride-to-be showcased five of the hottest bridal looks you'll see coming down the aisle next year. Check it out here.

I couldn't help but post my fave. I just love this strapless, taffeta cocktail dress from Piccione from the Alfred Angelo Collection. The flirty feel and sophistication is so appreciated. Folks in the fashion industry have likened this dress to a wedding cake. (Now how decadent and yummy is that.) Yes, there are frills and what not but just think about the great pair of shoes you can pair with this dress. This dress is an excellent choice for the sophisticated bride, or a bride having an at-home or city wedding. This selection is fun, flirty and trendy, and you know, trendy is my middle name.

October 18, 2009

Brides over 40, Celebrate Your Day Your Way

Many woman are finding true love later in life, and are choosing to marry with the same dream filled wishes as younger brides. And there's no reason that she should give up on her dreams. There are many ideas and resources to help make this special bride's dreams come true.

Yes, you can still have a fairy tale wedding, but one that is age appropriate. Read advice on how you can celebrate appropriately here.

October 12, 2009

Great Flavor from Great Catering Vendor

I had the wonderful opportunity to experience the great food at Japaneiro's in Sugar Land, TX. They are a wonderful mix of a sushi bistro with a latin grill flair. I tasted food combinations that I thought I never would and I must say, my eyes have been opened. The seafood chupe is awesome and never in a million years would I have thought about eating yuquitos, which is yucca (root) served with a roasted bell pepper sauce. I even had some sort of octopus dish that was also fabulous. Trust me, I am a finicky eater and a creature of habit, so when I tell you it's good, trust me it is.

If you are looking for catering for a great little function with a little something extra, these folks are the ones to call. This catering option at any special or social event is an entertainment experience in itself. Jason Malinos, the Operations Manager was so hospitable and accomodating, that I can't wait to work with him on my next coordinated or planned event.

October 1, 2009

Signature Scent to Reminisce About

The way a moment smells is the most lingering type of memory we take with us. Studies have shown that certain smells can trigger memory responses faster than any other sense. So as a bride, you want to wear a unique fragrance that will bring back beautiful memories from your special day. A fragrance that will help you and your guests revive those magical moments for many years to come.

A personal favorite of mine is Weekend by Burberry. It is such a feminine fragrance and I really love the blend of soft peach, apricot, marigold, sandalwood, vanilla and musk. A few of my other favorite scents for brides: Coco Mademoiselle by Chanel, Light Blue by Dolce & Gabanna and Elle by Yves St. Laurant.

Whatever fragrance you choose, make sure it represents you, and make sure it captures the romance and excitement of this special day. Leave your signature with your guests, and your new hubby for years and years to come.

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