May 27, 2009

If It Feels Right, Do It... Hire that Wedding Consultant

Great tips to help you choose if a wedding planner is the way to go, were discussed, among other things, on the Today Blog - Wedding. In a article, Richard Markel, of the Association for Wedding Professionals International, shared some things to look for when selecting a consultant. "Your perfect consultant is one who will seem to know what you want before you tell her. “If it almost feels like she knows you, that she can almost read your mind,” Markel says, "she is who you want."

Because there are a growing number of consultants to choose from, it is important to feel a relationship between you and your consultant. That "feeling of a relationship," is a precurser to trust. Both parties must trust each other in order for the relationship to create a successful event. I would find it very difficult to work with someone that didn't trust me enough to do my job. I have a tendancy to work harder for someone who has instilled a trust in me to accomplish the task. I wouldn't want to let them down.

Just like you know you are marrying the right person, you should know that you have selected the right consultant to coordinate and manage one of the most important days of your life.

For more great tips, check out "Hate the details? Hire a wedding consultant," from Brides.Com. And on a funnier note, for a couple of ooohs and ahhhs, check out the doggie wedding wear.

May 20, 2009

Hydrangeas and Calla Lilies - Elegant at Best

When looking to develop a simple, and elegant decor for your wedding or special event, hydrangeas and calla lilies are an excellent choice. Both flowers are very elegant and can make a statement all by themselves. Or you can combine the two for a gorgeous arrangement. Source: Fresh Blooms of Houston

My personal favorite is the calla lily but I have been very impressed by the simplicity and fullness of the hydrangea. You can make wonderful centerpieces with just a few and that could help keep your decor costs very reasonable. Unlike the calla lily, it is very delicate and must be handled with care, but most florists and/or decorators are very familiar with this flower and they will more than likely have lots of photo samples to show.

May 14, 2009

Wedding Season Is Upon Us

It's spring time and the flowers are blooming and the wedding movies are abounding. Doesn't the newest flick, "Ghost of Girlfriends Past," make you wanna say "I do," or at the very least, shop for the wedding dress. I just love this dress by Manuel Mota. The simplicity and elegance of it is just beautiful. Yes, as some would say, wedding season is upon us. But is there really a wedding season? It seems that weddings are a year round thing now, so in my opinion, there is no such thing as wedding season, just different color schemes to suit your occasion. And speaking of color schemes, those pink flower arrangements do wonders for this photo, don't they. Think of what a great color scheme and decor can do for your wedding photos. If your at a lost or overwhelmed by it all, don't be, hire me. It's what I do. I take your design dream and coordinate it to fruition.

Any way, I can't wait to find a moment to check out this movie and of course, Matthew McConaughey. See a sneak peek of the bridal fashions from Matthew McConaughey and Jennifer Garner's new right here. You know some of the best ideas and inspirations start with a quiet afternoon and a flick to excite the senses. Happy movie going!

May 6, 2009

Special Place for the Special Wedding

I got to visit a wedding venue recently and was absolutely thrilled. The Cedar Grove Tchoupitoulas Plantation in Waggaman, LA, right outside New Orleans is a very quaint, old plantation home, filled with great decor for any special event. Jill Mercer was so wonderful and accommodating. Growing up, I've watched this place evolve into many things, but always preserving it's outward appearance. Passing by, I would wonder what it looked liked on the inside. When my new couple decided they wanted to check it out, I was excited about the chance of finally seeing what it looked like. I am glad to say I was not disappointed. I am so thrilled that I get to help plan a wedding and reception at this wonderful site for my new couple.