December 29, 2010

Welcome 2011

Alpha Prosperity Events would like to wish all of our clients, fans and supporters a very Happy and Prosperous New Year! With the approach of 2011 right around the corner, we know that the new year will bring on new energy, fresh ideas, and a renewed creative spirit to be all that we can. And no, I have no plans to sabotage myself by making any new year's resolutions but I have already set some goals for 2011. For those that follow me on Twitter, you already saw my statement for goal setting borrowed from A. Glasgow ~ "In life, as in football, you can't score and find success if you don't know where the goalposts are."  Keeping this in mind, how many of you actually have a goal set for something in particular?

This statement can apply to something as simple as event and wedding planning as well. Let's say you are planning a wedding for 2011 or 2012, and your only thought is that you want your wedding day to be perfect. Well, if you haven't put a measurement on what is perfect or what will make it perfect, how do you know when you have reached it. Or, if you haven't set the amount you intend to invest on certain items, you may find yourself short changed on the one thing that would have made your wedding perfect. When planning your big day, your business venture or anything else, make sure you establish where you are trying to go and what you are trying to reach; otherwise, you may wind up with a lot of fumbles, interceptions, and unhappy team players.

See you in 2011!!!

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December 21, 2010

"Houston, We Have Granted a Wedding Wish!"

Our Blushing Bride & Groom
Just a little teaser of what we have been up to for the past several weeks. We have been super busy planning and coordinating a beautiful wedding for a beautiful couple at the spectacular La Torretta Resort & Spa in Montgomery, TX.  As mentioned in a previous blog, we got the chance to plan the first wedding event for the Wish Upon a Wedding - Houston Chapter, and it has been a tremendous experience.

Esmeralda and Jose-Luis make a beautiful couple. We really enjoyed meeting their wonderful family, many of who came all the way from Weslaco, Texas. They were a great couple to work with and they made my job as their wedding planner, oh so easy and memorable. The bride was clear about her wedding vision but was also flexible about working with us and the other vendors so that we could get her the dream wedding she wanted; and thank goodness because we had about thirty days to get this dream wedding planned, coordinated and celebrated.  To add a special note for us, we got the chance to work with so many wonderful wedding and event vendors that were instrumental to the beauty and success of this event. I must say a huge thank you to them all and that I hope to get a chance to work with many of them again. We even got the opportunity to make many new friends throughout the process.
Photo Courtesy of Grasshopper Productions

Photo Courtesy of Event House
Photo Courtesy of Elegant Custom Invitations

I know you want to see more but we don't want to give away too many of the fabulous details just yet, so stay tuned because there is more to come. I must also, thank the members of the Houston Chapter's, Wish Upon a Wedding Board and Committee, for allowing us to be a part of such a wonderful endeavor and for assisting us throughout the process. I look forward to our continued involvement of volunteering and contributing to this very worthwhile cause.   

Event & Wedding Planner  
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Greater Houston ~ Missouri City ~ New Orleans