June 29, 2010

Wedding Do's and Don'ts from the Guest's Perspective

One of my event assistants attended a wedding recently and she came back with a list full of things that she found interesting about this wedding. I don’t think she ever considered herself a wedding expert but I must say when it comes to wedding and event coordination, she has definitely been taking notes. Here, we share with you some “Do’s and Don’ts,” from the wedding guest's perspective.

Hire a Wedding Coordinator ~ If you are going to have a wedding guest list of anything over 100 people you should hire someone to organize particular highpoints and activities of the wedding. A wedding coordinator would be beneficial to create timelines to keep things flowing and to keep all players/vendors in the know about when things are happening or when tasks need to be done. Don't leave this task to a family member; they want to enjoy the wedding too.

Don’t Skimp on the Entertainment ~ When hiring a band or DJ, make sure they have the ability to act as the Master of Ceremony. If you have to skimp here, make sure your wedding coordinator can step into this role. Your guests will be very disappointed if you start cutting your cake and they aren't ready with their camera or they are in the restroom and miss the whole thing because there was no emcee to announce what was happening. We have some great recommendations if you need help in this department.

Discuss the Dress Code with the Entertainment ~ Make sure it is clear what they will be wearing while performing. It won't look very cohesive if your guests are dressed in cocktail attire and the band or DJ is dressed in jeans and a t-shirt.

Greet Your Guests ~ As the bride and groom, you made the choice to invite three hundred people to your wedding. I can only assume that you made that choice because all of these people are near and dear to you in some form or fashion. Make sure you get around, visiting every table to speak to as many guests as possible. Of course, you may still miss some people but no one can say you didn't make the effort. My assistant was so disappointed and felt slighted because after traveling quite a distance, and buying a very nice gift, the bride never walked around to say hello to her or any other guests.

Just a little trendy advice from the guests you are inviting to your wedding. Hope you were paying attention.

Event & Wedding Planner
Alpha Prosperity Events
Southwest Houston ~ New Orleans

June 17, 2010

Dreaming Past Others' Limitations

Don't you find it dissapointing when well-meaning family members or close friends are so unsupportive of your dreams? How do you dream past it?  How do you not let their limitations, limit you?

Well, this is definitely not a new issue. Since the beginning of time, someone was always questioning another persons vision, direction, goals or dreams. When you have an inkling of an idea or vision that you want to accomplish, trust me that idea will be challenged or questioned. It's not always meant to snuff out your dream or plan but often times it causes one to change direction or focus. It happened to us as children, when we dreamed of being an actress or ballerina.  It happened to us as teens, when we wanted to travel the world or attend an out of state college. It happened to us as adults when we wanted to start our own business or purchase a new home.

By now I am sure you have related to one or two of these. The point is we had a dream or vision that didn't coincide with someone else's. This same dilemma happens to so many brides and grooms to be. Through all of the planning, so many people have gotten involved and pushed their own vision that you no longer see any of the dreams or wishes of the bride or groom.  I deal with this as well, especially where my event planning business is concerned. This business is not for everyone and not everyone is ready for the work or risks that one takes when owning a business.

So how do I dream past others' limitations?  Well, I seek guidance from God first. I have found that when I do this, I am able to discern what is best. I meditate on scripture and positive quotes of motivation. I also surround myself with positive others, like supportive family members, business coaches and other business professionals that will give me the information and support that I need to accomplish my plan or task.  But, be warned. When seeking out others, be prepared that you may get an opinion that has the ability to deflate or derail your whole plan, if you let it. It's okay to seek solicited advice from credible others but understand that their visions or fears do not have to become yours. 

Don't let the well meaning intentions or ideas of others hinder or change your vision. In planning your life, business or event, you may realize that there are people who don't want to see you happy or successful. Put these type of people in a category off to the side (the side you don't visit very often,) and keep right on going with your planning, as you intended. Keep your eyes on your goals and on the "who, what, and why of it all." You may find that you have to make some changes here or there but it's okay if you are true to yourself and know that you followed your dream and vision and not someone else's.

Event & Wedding Planner
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Southwest Houston ~ New Orleans

June 3, 2010

Second Wedding Ideas for the Encore Bride


Planning a wedding can be a joyous occasion. And if this is a second wedding for you or your groom, you get to enjoy the fun of planning all over again, making sure it is exactly what you want and not what your family thought you should have. Here we share just a few ideas to keep in mind if you are planning an encore wedding.

• If you want to wear a traditional white wedding dress, do it. The old thoughts of encore brides wearing white no longer apply. Most encore or second time brides look for a dress that they feel is more practical for them but the choice is strictly yours. Wear what makes you feel beautiful and what fits your vision for your special day.

• Personalization is always a great option but when you can incorporate touches that highlight the blended family or your triumphs over the years, it creates a more memorable experience for both you and your guest. Check out this oh so cute, customized cake topper. This is a piece that you can keep and cherish as a memorable reminder of your day.

• When choosing to register for gifts, you may want to survey what you already have and update or add-to. Another option is choosing to register for your honeymoon and have your guest purchase tours, dinners or contribute to the cost of the honeymoon.

• If you have children, involve them from the beginning. Let them discuss their thoughts or feelings about this new transition in their lives before all of the appointments, shopping and festivities interfere with your time. Ask for their opinion from time to time- maybe on the dessert or some part of the entertainment selections.

• You may want to consider a destination wedding. They are a popular option for 2nd weddings and they don’t have to be someplace exotic. I am very partial to New Orleans, by the way. It's a great way of combining your wedding, and your honeymoon all in one. Your guests may also welcome the opportunity to use this time as an extended or family vacation.

• Hire a wedding planner or coordinator that is in touch with you and has a feel for what you want. A planner or coordinator that knows how to get the job done within your guidelines and expectations is key to your successful and memorable wedding event.

Now that's trendy. Happy planning.

Event & Wedding Planner
Alpha Prosperity Events
Southwest Houston ~ Richmond/Rosenberg ~ New Orleans