July 20, 2011

Pets as Wedding Party Attendants

Photo Courtesy: Martha Stewart Pets

You have your heart set on little Fifi walking down the aisle as your flower "girl". You have picked out a wreath for her to wear and you are even toying with a dress to match the wedding theme and colors.

This is not a shocking idea considering the popularity of pets being included as part of the wedding party. This popularity is evidenced by the availability of decorated dog leashes, doggie bow ties, wreaths, or ring pillows that Fido can wear.

Before making the overall decision about including your pet, there are a few details you should consider.
Photo Credit: People.com
  • First and foremost, make sure your venue site allows pets at the venue and make sure they approve everything you have planned for your pet. 
  • Second, make sure your pet is prepared and can handle all of the excitement surrounding your wedding. Too many people, unusual noise, and flashes from photography can upset your pet and cause him or her to behave in an unusual or aggressive manner. Be prepared for a quick exit or plan "b," just in case your pet can't perform as expected. 
  • Third, create a plan to handle liability issues just in case your pet injures someone or damages some property at the venue. 
  • Make sure your pet is properly bathed and groomed for the big day. Canine cologne is not the scent you want your guests to remember. Don't forget paper towels, plastic bags food and a water bowl. 
  • And last, have a designated person (not you) assigned to handle and care for your pet. It should be someone that your pet is familiar with and someone that will not be upset about missing any of the festivities, in response to caring for your pet.
 With all things considered, including your pet will make the day all the more special for you and him as well.  So go ahead, put that bow tie on Scruffy and let him proudly walk down the aisle as the cutest ring bearer ever. 

Stay tuned for more trendy wedding and event planning ideas.

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July 11, 2011

My New VuPoint Scanner

Oh how I love coming home from a productive day to find nice little packages waiting for me, and today was one of those days. This past holiday weekend, the hubby and I were channel surfing, and stumbled upon the Home Shopping Network (HSN). I quickly noticed that it was the electronics segment and so I took interest. You would be surprised how much techno stuff you can learn by watching the shopping channels. They try to sell you on all the latest gadgets, there by educating you while entertaining you. I don't necessarily buy the item but I remember info about it so that when I am ready to buy, I will know some of the basics of what should be included and about how much it should cost.

Anyway, the particular item being showcased was a portable scanner. Now I have been considering a number of options for a scanner, since my tax accountant got on me about my shoebox accounting system (don't laugh), and when I saw this scanner, I heard angels singing. My hubby got excited too which only added fuel to the engine. And to top it off, it was pink. Well, there were other good colors too. I immediately purchased one for me and one for him, hot pink and aqua blue. 

You can scan photos, pages from books, and even fabrics. This little gizmo will really come in handy for business organization as well as color matches and design ideas for events. Now we have no excuses about not handling receipts and business paperwork better. As a small business, how or what have you done recently to keep yourself more organized? 

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