November 28, 2010

Wish Upon A Wedding Houston Wish Granter

Yes, I know we've been missing on our blogging duties for the last couple of weeks but it has truly been a whirlwind of activity for Alpha Prosperity Events. Some of this excitement centers around the wonderful opportunity of participating as a wish granter for the 1st wedding event for Wish Upon Wedding, Houston Chapter.

Wish Upon a Wedding provides weddings and vow renewals for couples who have faced terminal illness or other serious life-altering circumstances. When we were asked to provide the wish/service of wedding planning to a deserving couple it was a "no-brainer" for us, and it has been non-stop planning meetings and activity since meeting this beautiful wedding couple. To make this even more interesting, we have less than thirty days to get this wedding event planned, produced and completed.

I don't want to give away too many of the details just yet because this fairy tale event is truly worth waiting for, but if you want to keep up as the plans unfold, follow us here on Twitter or "Like Us" here on Facebook.  

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November 7, 2010

Choose Professional Photographers for Great Memories

Collins Metu Photographer
 Great memories are made even greater by great photographers. I know this a strange statement coming from someone that is not a photographer but it's the truth. I must give kudos to the excellent professional photographers out there because a professional photographer can make something out of very little. A professional photographer knows what equipment to use, how much lighting or flash is necessary for light challenged situations and they know exactly how to position themselves to get the perfect shot.

Zasey Photography
 These are things to remember when you are thinking about getting a friend of the family or other family member to be your photographer. Yes, they may have a digital camera, but do they know how to use it. A professional photographer is also less likely to get caught up in the wedding celebration and family festivities, so he or she will tend to get a broad range of photos of all the happenings and all the guests at your wedding. When you choose a family member or friend, you may end up with a hundred photos of the new baby, who made their debut at your wedding. Kids are cute but, you are the bride and groom after all.

Sonny Randon Photography Studio
Just a little sage advice from this wedding planner; when working with your wedding budget, make sure you hire the best, professional photographer your investment dollar can afford. If you want great memories that you will enjoy for years to come, there is no other option. Not sure about who to select, we can help you choose from the many professional options out there. That's what we are here for.

Stay tuned for more trendy, wedding and event planning ideas, brought to you by Alpha Prosperity Events.

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