February 13, 2011

Florals Make a Statement

When you are planning a special event like a wedding, you want to make a statement or impact. One of the most original ways to do this is with your floral decor and bouquets. Think about it. What happens when you place a bouquet of flowers in your home or office? Yes, I know; things suddenly look better and more impressive. Your living room or office didn't change, you just enhanced what you already had with flowers. Think about that little black dress that you have worn so many times. Now, place one medium or large sized bloom on that dress and wow, "Is that a new dress?"

The same applies for wedding and special event decor and bouquets. Add floral however you choose, but speaking for myself, nothing adds impact like monochromatic centerpieces and bouquets.

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If you want lots of color, do that too. But when choosing your design scheme for florals, make sure you select professionals to create your look. The impact won't be the same if the workmanship is not professional looking.

Now how's that for a trendy idea for your wedding or event?!

February 3, 2011

Venue - Beyond Reception Hall

As many of you know, this is engagement season and many event venues and wedding professionals are hosting open houses to display their space, goods and or services. If you are planning your special day, now is the time to visit sites and vendors to help in the decision making process.

One such open house I visited recently was Beyond Reception Hall. This very nice reception hall was a secret to many, including myself. Beyond Reception Hall is located in the Windsor Village/S. Post Area and it is a must visit if you are planning a wedding or other special event. This hall is very affordable and has a package to meet the requirements of any budget. Below are a few of the table settings and venue setups that you can have at Beyond Reception Hall.

The owners and staff of Beyond Reception Hall do an exceptional job to make the client happy. Linens, florals, centerpieces, lighted backdrops; they have it all, under one roof. Do yourself favor and consider this option for your wedding or next special event.

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