April 28, 2009

Setting Goals for Your Business

A few weeks ago, I did a blog about Setting Goals as a Couple and realized that some of those same ideas could be applied to operating my business, Alpha Prosperity Management. Now mind you, I have been trying to grow this business for awhile now, trying to get it to a place where I could ultimately retire from the corporate world and focus solely on this business. While doing my daily search for business enlightenment, I lucked up on the blog Aspire to Plan by Wendy Harvey Robinson. It was very enlightening and I thank her for taking the time to share her knowledge. Well, after reading some of her blog it got me to thinking about my own business and about setting goals for myself to help my business become more successful. Maybe asking some of these questions will help you and your business as well.

Some key questions I believe that are important to ask are "Do I have a business plan?" and if I do, "Do I know where my business plan is?" Is it on paper or is it in my head? "What is my marketing plan and do I have a budget to support it?" Where would I like my business to be in five years? I thought I had this all figured out but I keep going back to my plan to rewrite a paragraph or two.

Where will all this lead me, hopefully to a place of tremendous success. I'll keep reading and asking those necessary questions. Is it worth the time and effort? Of course. No pain, no gain right?

April 26, 2009

After the Wedding...Blues??

I was catching up with a newly married bride about all of the great things that have gone on in her life since becoming married and surprisingly, she told me that she was feeling blue. When I asked her why, she said that no one was interested in her anymore. She said that people didn't get excited when she walked into the room, like they used to. She wasn't talking about bridal gowns and reception plans any more and frankly she didn't know what to do and she was finding her life, boring. Yes, she had been the belle of the ball and now the clock had struck midnight. The party was over and now what?

Well, somehow with all of the planning and parties and shopping, we forget why all of these festivities and activities are taking place to begin with; two people becoming one, making a commitment to each other through the good times and bad, beginning a new life together.

When planning your special day, try to take it all in . Enjoy your moments of planning, enjoy being the center of attention at parties and get togethers. But most of all enjoy each other through it all. Don't let little mishaps get to you. If it rains, oh well. If you didn't get the exact color match you wanted on your cake, it's okay. It doesn't change anything about the commitment that the two of you are about to make to each other. There is a new beginning after the big event, so keep it all in perspective.

Let me reword part of a script from a 90's movie to suit the occasion, "Make the wedding. Don't let the wedding make you."

April 19, 2009

Signature Drink for a Splash of Color

Signature cocktails are all the rage for wedding receptions right now. And why not get some extra bang from your beverage menu cost. If you need a real color bang for your decor, pick a color beverage or cocktail. Of course, all the rage is about the signature martini, but you can add color to your decor with any beverage you choose. Just make sure it is something that taste good and something that most of your guests won't mind drinking. Don't want to use alcohol, choose a fruit punch or choose a martini without the alcohol. The sky is the limit. Get with an experienced bartender to experiment with taste and color, and make sure it is served in beautiful glassware.

April 17, 2009

Setting Goals As A Couple

With all the excitement of being engaged and wedding planning, brides and grooms sometimes forget that their is a life after the big event. There are many more "big events" to look forwardto like having children, family vacations, career promotions, or purchasing a home.Often times, these future "big events" are not discussed or planned for, so they come as a big surprise.

Make it a point now, to sit down with your future spouse and discuss plans and ideas for the approaching events. Set five year goals and plans to be ready for these events. Don't let them sneak up on you and catch you unprepared. The same effort you use for planning your wedding, should be used in sustaining the marriage.