March 31, 2009

Bridal Shower Enthusiasm

There was a bridal shower recently for one of my engaged brides. I think the one feeling everyone walked away with was "how touching and personal." I relish comments like these because it is a reminder as to what all of the excitement is about...two people joining together to become one. It is nice to see so much family involvement and excitement to celebrate the joining of these two young people. Kudos to Dana, Leah, and Veronica. You ladies were awesome. The enthusiasm was really contagious.

March 7, 2009

Social Networking....I'm Really Trying

Have you noticed how popular and convenient social networking on the internet has become? Boy am I behind the times. I just started my profile on Facebook and really have to do some catching up on Twitter and other stuff. This blogging thing is hard enough but I made a commitment to myself to try to blog at least once week. I hope to increase it sometime in the future but if you will just be patient with me...

Keeping up with trends and technology is so important, and not only for business endeavors. With communication being so important to relationships today (including marriage relationships), it is necessory to keep in touch with the one's we love. Technology can help us stay in touch with those who are hundreds of miles away. There really is no excuse to be out of touch. Just remember, all of the new technology and conveniences are great but nothing beats the human touch. Give a hug or shake a hand as often as you can.

March 1, 2009

Planning too Far in Advance??!!?

When your newly engaged, immediately, all thoughts flow toward wedding ideas and planning. But the question arises, "My wedding date is a year and a half away. Is it too early to start planning for it." The answer, "Of course not." There is always so much to consider and the more lead time you have the better. Especially with the current economy, you must consider your budget before you make plans for wedding ideas you can't afford. There are many ideas for trendy weddings on any budget. The idea is to take the time to consider what is important to you and what you won't compromise on or do without. Build all other ideas around this, even if it means you have to do without something else. If you don't like flowers, you don't have to use them or maybe you don't have to use as many. If you really are not that into a groom's cake, choose a less expensive dessert like cookies or candy. It's your day, you choose what's important to you.