December 26, 2009

Holiday Classic - Black & White Wedding

With this being the day after Christmas, and New Year's right around the corner, we wedding planners are gearing up for an increase in consultations and inquiries from newly engaged brides to-be. Many of those who are newly engaged, are having dreams and visions of their special day. Usually, the first visions are of color and what everyone is going to wear.

Bride's Dress -Anna Maier Ulla-Maija, Bridesmaid Dress -Watters

Today's brides are not completely locked into everything about their wedding being traditional. There are a number of brides that see the beauty and glamor of the black and white wedding especially with splashes of beautiful color, here and there. They are not afraid to set the trends and command attention.

Consider yourself lucky if you are asked to be a bridesmaid to one of these chic brides. Finally a bridesmaid's dress you can wear again and again.Kirstie Kelly - InStyle

Black and white can deliver whatever style you wish; elegant, classic, retro, glamorous, feminine, trendy or romantic. The choice is yours. Add your color mix and make it your own.

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December 10, 2009

Turquoise is the Pantone Color for 2010

The color turquoise evokes a soothing feeling of a tropical paradise, and positive, relaxed energy, according to Pantone color experts. Knowing this, with the selection of turquoise as the pantone color for 2010, I already feel calmer, more relaxed and positive; ready to approach my year 2010 coordination events with a "woo- sah" exuberance.

Just kidding but, really, I couldn't be happier about this color choice for 2010. You know, most folks vacation to the Caribbean for this soothing, calming affect. (Me included.) So why not share this soothing color with future brides and grooms to be.

With all the wedding planning and coordination going on, engaged couples need as much positive energy as possible. This is especially true if the happy couple doesn't have a wedding coordinator yet.

Turquoise can be combined with so many other colors and will work for most any season. My favorite combination is turquoise and chocolate brown. (Sounds extra soothing with the chocolate element added.) My website combines turquoise, chocolate brown, and pink coral.

It's okay, you can use that color combination if you like. Happy planning!

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December 3, 2009

Party Planning Time

Happy Holidays Again! We just celebrated a wonderful Thanksgiving and now the Christmas and New Year holidays are approaching. This time also kicks off the engagement season. Lots of men are planning on popping the big question to some very lucky ladies, this season. If you have the holiday party itch, but are not sure of the possibilities, don't worry, we have some great ideas to share.

The holidays can be a lonely time for those who are single or for those who live in cities or areas where the extended families aren't around. For something different, why not host a holiday celebration with your single or "orphan" friends in mind. The holiday season is a great time to open up your home for some wonderful fellowship, good food and great spirits. And believe me, speaking from experience, your friends will be so appreciative of your hospitality. There is a party idea for every level and every budget. Here are just a few of my favorite ideas to get the itch really going:
  • Holiday Tree Trimming Party
  • Girl's Night Holiday Party
  • Holiday Cocktail Party
  • Orphan Holiday Potluck
  • Wine Pairings/Tastings
  • Holiday Open House
And there's no need to get overwhelmed by the planning and preparation. You can call upon your trusted event planner to help you with as much or as little of the preparation as you feel necessary. With that said, "Go forth and celebrate!"

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