August 28, 2011

Don't Skimp on the "Getting Ready" Photos

Photo by Aaron Snow Photography, at Style Me Pretty
When brides and grooms are getting dressed and about to head down the aisle, they usually dress in hidden away places like their home bedrooms or special suites. They are often "locked away" with the family and friends that are near and dear to them.  At this very intimate time, you begin to see why the bride picked exactly who she picked to be apart of her wedding day. You see the bond of years of childhood friendships unfold as the bridesmaids, wearing matching shirts, gather to make sure the brides hair and make-up are just perfect.You see who the groom's real "boys" are in his most anxious moments, like when he can't get that top button done on his tuxedo shirt. You see a glimpse of a tear as Mom pins on her son's boutonniere and you see the tremendous emotion on Dad's face, when he first gets a glimpse of his "little girl" in her wedding dress.

Special moments like this should not be missed because they cannot be duplicated or replicated.  Make sure your wedding day schedule includes enough time for your chosen photographer and videographer to shoot these priceless, one of a kind moments. You may not think it is that big of a deal now, but looking back at your photographs and memories of the day, you will find that replaying or viewing these special moments are the ones that make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Stay tuned for more trendy ideas for your wedding and special event planning.

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  1. Love this Courtney! I couldn't agree more!!! Getting ready photos are very intimate and special.